IT Learning Centre


The advancement of IT has greatly influenced the commercial world. Undeniably, the more advanced the information technologies a company uses, the greater the commercial advantage the company can have. Hence, equipping students with fundamental IT knowledge on one hand and advanced IT knowledge on the other will undoubtedly increase their career advantage. Apart from this, IT knowledge, IT ethics and IT skills become more and more important for students to survive not only in the business fields but also in the rapid changing local situations and global world nowadays. To maintain the competitiveness of HSUHK students, we therefore need to develop students’ interest in IT area and nurture their IT talents.


IT Learning Centre aims to:

  • provide students with the knowledge, practical skills and an understanding of the processes involved in problem-solving using information technologies;  and
  • provide students with the opportunities to appreciate the impact of IT on our knowledge-based society, so as to nurture them positive values and attitudes towards this area.


To work towards being “one of the best providers of degree programmes in Hong Kong”, our centre offers various elementary, intermediate and advanced levels IT workshops and IT courses to our HSUHK students which equip them with essential and substantial IT knowledge and IT skills to meet the challenges of nowadays changing world.

To ensure that ALL our degree students will be equipped with basic IT competence, they are required to take and pass the Information Technology Proficiency Test (IT Proficiency Test) for graduation. This test aims to ensure that our degree students are imparted with sufficient fundamental IT knowledge and skills before they further their study or pursue a favourable career.

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