Syllabus of Information Technology Proficiency Programme



Computer hardware and Software

  • Categories of computers: Personal computer, Handheld computer, Mainframe computer and Supercomputer
  • Hardware components of computer: Input devices, System unit, CPU, Memory, Storage device and Output device
  • Software components of computer
    • System software: Operating System
    • Application Software: Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation Software and Database


Network and the Internet

  • What is computer network?
  • Network and Servers
  • How to get Internet access? ISP, modem, connecting medium, IP address, domain name and web browser
  • Browsing the Internet: WWW, URL, Hyperlink, Search Engine, Plug-ins and Multimedia on WWW
  • Services on Internet: Email, Instant messaging, Forum and Blog


Internet Security

  • Threats to Internet security:
    • Hackers
    • HTTPS connections
    • Adjustment on the security settings of a Web browser
    • Privacy and Cookies: Clearing cookies, browser histories, and cached files
    • Potential risks of opening email contents, attachments, and clicking embedded URL links
    • Phishing and email spam
  • Threats of malware
  • Computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses; their spreading methods and infection signs
  • Virus scanning and cleaning


Word Processing

  • Basic editing text
  • Formatting text: font, font size, font color, bold, italic and underline
  • Formatting paragraph: alignment, indentation and line spacing
  • Page setup: margins, orientation, paper size, printing, header & footer and page number
  • Common features: find and replace, Spell checking, bullet and numbering, table and inserting graphics/clip-art



  • Spreadsheet concepts and terminology: cell, row, column, range, worksheet and workbook
  • Ordering data
  • Filtering data
  • Splitting a worksheet
  • Business Charts: Bar chart, Pie chart and Line chart
  • Formulas: operators, copying formulas and relative reference & absolute reference
  • Built-in functions
    • Statistical functions : average, sum, count, max, min
    • Mathematical functions : sqrt, abs, round, trunc, mod
    • Logical function : if
    • Text functions : mid, upper, lower, proper, trim, len, concatenate


Presentation Software

  • Making a new presentation
  • Drawing toolbar: rotation, flip, drawing tool, word-art, object attribute tool and object effect tool
  • Manipulating the Screen Objects: Insert Object (picture and video), Object Layer and Grouping/Ungrouping Objects
  • Using Transition Effect
  • Using Build Effects
  • Exporting Graphic Images
  • Inserting charts


Computer Ethics and copyrights

  • Ethics: Netiquette, Information Accuracy, Anonymity and Cyberbullying
  • Intellectual Properties: Copyright