Intermediate and Advanced IT Workshops

In addition to the IT workshops for preparing for the IT Proficiency Test, our centre also offers a number of intermediate and advanced IT workshops to enhance our students’ IT knowledge and skills. These workshops are listed below:
  1. How to produce a professional report with Microsoft Word?
  2. Powerful techniques in using Microsoft Excel
  3. Using Microsoft formula and built-in functions in Business Analysis
  4. Data analysis with Microsoft Excel
  5. How to do a professional presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint?
  6. Chinese Input Methods – 倉頡/速成輸入法
  7. Webpage design with Adobe Dreamweaver
  8. Database Management with Microsoft Access
  9. Information Security
  10. Writing smart phone Apps


For more details, please login and visit eCampus>>Moodle System>>My courses>>ITWS002

An IT Workshop can be cancelled because of low enrollment, bad weather, or other unforeseeable reasons.  In case an IT Workshop is cancelled because of these reasons, the workshop will not be rescheduled and the enrolled students will be notified promptly.  Affected students can enroll in other available workshops through eRegistration again.

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