Information Technology Proficiency Programme

In order to fulfil the HSUHK IT requirement for graduation, students are required to take and pass the Information Technology Proficiency Test (IT Test). Besides, if you are admitted after 2012-2013, you have to attend the two compulsory workshops.

The IT Proficiency Test requires students to:

  1. demonstrate a basic understanding of IT knowledge such as computer system, network and the Internet and Internet security;
  2. use common application software such as Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation Software;  and
  3. show an awareness of issues on computer ethics and copyrights.


The IT Proficiency Test covers the following topics:

  1. Computer hardware & software
  2. Network & the Internet
  3. Internet Security
  4. Word Processing
  5. Spreadsheet
  6. Presentation Software
  7. Computer Ethics & Copyrights


For more detailed information, please login and visit eCampus>>Moodle System>>My courses>>ITWS001