IT Proficiency Test

All degree students are required to take and pass the Information Technology Proficiency Test (IT Proficiency Test). If the student still has not passed the IT Proficiency Test, he/she should take it again until he/she gets a pass. The duration of IT Proficiency Test is 1.5 hours. The test consists of 2 parts as follows:

  • SECTION A:  Multiple Choice Questions
  • SECTION B:  Practical Tasks


Multiple Choice Questions

Practical Tasks

1. Computer hardware and software

2. Network and the Internet

3. Internet Security

4. Word Processing

5. Spreadsheet

6. Presentation Software

7. Computer Ethics and Copyrights

Prior reservation must be made before attending the IT Proficiency Test.

During registration period, students could login eCampus>>MyHSUHK>>eRegistration for IT Proficiency Test registration. The result of enrollment will be shown on the eRegistration immediately.

Passing criteria
Students have to pass all topics. To pass a topic, students have to score at least 50% in each topic. Students can have 2 presented attempts for free.

Record on transcript
Students having passed the test will have "IT Proficiency Passed" recorded on the transcripts.

Students can be exempted from attending the IT Proficiency Test and the two compulsory workshops if they are:

  • students / graduates who passed COM2004 Introduction to Information Technology;
  • HSSC / HSMC graduates who passed COM001 Information Technology Fundamentals or COM101 Introduction to Information Technology.


  1. For each enrolled IT Proficiency Test, there is an administration fee of $200, which is waived unless a student is absent from an enrolled test, or the student has failed the test for two times already.
  2. If a student has failed the IT Proficiency Test for two times already, the administration fee will be charged to the student for each attempt after his/her second attempt. If the student passes the IT Proficiency Test, his/her IT Proficiency Test status will be updated after the fee is successfully deposited to the university account.
  3. If a student is absent from an enrolled IT Proficiency Test, the administration fee will not be waived.  The student needs to settle the fee before he/she is able to enroll in another IT workshop or IT Proficiency Test.

Important Reminder
Students should arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the test starts to receive the important announcement about the Practical Tasks in the test. If a student is late for 15 minutes, he/she will not be allowed to enter the venue and will be counted as absent. If a student is absent, the administration fee will not be waived.  The student needs to settle the fee before he/she can enroll in another IT Proficiency Test or IT workshop.

An IT Proficiency Test can be cancelled because of low enrollment, bad weather, or other unforeseeable reasons.  In case an IT Proficiency Test is cancelled because of these reasons, the test will not be rescheduled and the enrolled students will be notified promptly.  Affected students can enroll in other available tests through eRegistration again.